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Colored Contacts vs. Eyeglasses-The Best Option for Lifestyle

Aug 29,2022 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

People who need corrective lenses often have vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. For them, wearing glasses or contact lenses is essential to daily life. Nowadays, many people will also choose colored contact lenses as their daily necessities because these lenses can enhance or change the color of the wearer's eyes to match their hair color or makeup, besides correcting vision.


There are events everywhere that need to be attended in your daily life, whether it’s working, relaxing, or exercising. However, it is found that participating in these activities with glasses may be a bit frustrating for people with vision problems. For example, a pair of bulky glasses may make you tired and lack motivation for work. But with colored contact lenses, your eyes’ color will be transformed into a new and bright color that will match your makeup and overall outfit, making you look full of energy. Moreover, a pair of glasses in a fixed color won't match your entire wardrobe, but colored contacts in different colors and patterns can make you try any style you want.


When you are invited to weddings, friend gatherings, or even cosplay parties, colored contact lenses are also essential accessories that make you stand out. Don’t let the lenses of your glasses block the warm gaze between you and the newlyweds when you’re standing at the wedding. Wear colored contact lenses that go with your gown, look at the newlyweds with a sight full of blessings, and wish them happiness forever. At a gathering of friends, when you swap your glasses for unique colored contact lenses, people will appreciate your confidence, beauty, and courage to express your individuality. When it comes to cosplay parties, who will play a vampire with glasses? Additionally, wearing glasses will easily rub off your delicate cosplay makeup, thereby reducing the effect of the character you play.


If your daily routine includes a workout, colored contact lenses can also take the place of clunky prescription glasses, and provide many of the following benefits in terms of convenience, comfort, and performance while engaging in physical activities like jogging, football, and cycling.


  • In addition to correcting vision, colored contact lenses can not only make your eyes look larger and more vibrant, but also change your eye color to fit the style you want and add a unique charm to your workout look. When you wear these lenses during exercise, it’s easy to feel full of energy and confidence, making you enjoy the exercise process more.
  • As colored contact lenses are soft and fit directly into the eyes, they can provide much better vision quality than spectacles—a clear, unobstructed all-around vision. Furthermore, with no frames lingering in yourlines of sight, the distortions will be greatly reduced.
  • Unlike eyeglasses, colored contact lenses won’t rub on your nose or block your peripherals, and they are unlikely to fall out or need adjusting during activity, ensuring that you can focus on your exercise without disruptions. They can also prevent youfrom being dizzy when jumping in the process of exercising, whereas glasses will bounce up and down with your
  • You’ll have no problem exercising on misty or rainy days with colored contact lenses. If you wear glasses, you have likely experienced the inconvenience of your lenses fogging up. Even simple conditions like temperature changes or rain are enough to fog up your glasses’ lenses. With contacts, your vision does not change based on weather or climate, and you also don’t have to stop to wipe your contacts.
  • Unlike eyeglasses, colored contact lenses cannot break in your eyes and cause injury. High-quality glasses can be expensive and fragile; accidentally sitting on your glasses or dropping them can lead to you breaking the frames or lenses. You can also damage your glasses when colliding with others, risking broken glass coming in contact with your eyes. Even if you do lose your contact lenses in the middle of exercising, they are cheaper to replace than glasses.
  • Colored contact lenses are more comfortable to wear with safety equipment. They can be worn with masks, helmets, protective goggles, and more. For sports that require any kind of headgear, contact lenses don’t interfere with the fit or comfort of these necessary safety devices. It’s also important to note that you can’t wear glasses at all while engaging in contact sports like boxing, wrestling, and other martial arts. For these intense physical activities, colored contact lenses are the ideal workaround.


All in all, as long as you keep yourself safe by understanding the risks, colored contact lenses can be excellent alternatives to eyeglasses, allowing you to focus on your sport easily and enjoy the process of exercise with clear vision.