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Unicoeye Holds an Eye-loving Themed Event and Shares Its Advice on Wearing Colored Contact Lenses

Sep 01,2022 | Unicoeye® | Colored Contact Lenses

WHIPPANY, N.J.Aug. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Unicoeye, an online marketer of stylish and premium colored contact lenses, recently held an event online with the theme of "Eye-loving," offering sports-friendly colored contact lenses at better prices and discounts, and sharing a guide with the public to help them learn more about wearing colored contact lenses while engaging in sports.

Colored contact lenses have become popular for their fashion and expression of personality. People who want to enhance their daily looks or try different eye colors may wear colored contact lenses to participate in various activities, including daily life, weddings, friend gatherings, cosplay parties, and even outdoor exercise. Although the possibility of wearing colored contact lenses during sports has been discovered, colored contact lens wearers may not have considered enough facts in the process of exercising.


Can people wear colored contact lenses while exercising?

For people who suffer from vision problems, wearing glasses is essential to daily life. However, they may find it frustrating to exercise while wearing glasses. This is because exercising with glasses may encounter some problems, such as limited visual field, fogging or broken lenses, making physical activity difficult or dangerous, and even deterring people with glasses from participating in sports.

Thankfully, people don't have to choose between glasses and exercise. In addition to providing a near-normal vision experience, colored contact lenses can enhance or change people's eye color to fit the style they want and add a unique charm to their workout look. Unicoeye's colored contacts come in a wide range of prescription levels for the wearers, so they don't have to be confined to the sidelines or change the way they exercise. Additionally, colored contact lenses offer advantages in terms of convenience and comfort while engaging in some physical activities, so long as they are used, cared for, and stored properly.

What types of sports may people participate in while wearing colored contacts?

Running outdoors or indoors

Whether people are running outdoors or working out on a treadmill in the gym, colored contact lenses may help them go further. These lenses won't block peripherals and are unlikely to fall out or need adjusting during exercise. Moreover, they will not fog up even if the wearer starts sweating, making a comfortable wearing experience.

Football and basketball

It is common for players to experience tumbles or collisions with one another while playing football, basketball, or other similar ball games. In these circumstances, wearing colored contact lenses may be helpful to save people with vision problems from the risk of lenses getting knocked off.


When people go biking due to the nice weather, colored contacts may be a good accessory to help them enjoy a clear, unobstructed all-around vision. Additionally, the lenses allow them to wear sunglasses and won't get in the way of their helmets.

Tennis and badminton

Playing tennis or badminton means players need to track the ball carefully. When wearing colored contacts, no frames are lingering in wearer's lines of sight, reducing potential distortions and blind spots. 

Snow sports

Snow sports, such as skiing, require a helmet and a pair of goggles as safety devices. When going skiing, colored contact lenses can be worn with these devices in a convenient way and will not interfere with the fit or comfort of these necessary safety devices. It's also important to note that people can't wear glasses while engaging in contact sports like boxing, wrestling, and other martial arts. For these intense physical activities, contact lenses may be the ideal workaround.

What people need to know when exercising with colored contact lenses.

  • Before wearing colored contact lenses, please confirm that you have no eye diseases or other conditions that may contribute to eye discomfort. Then, check that the attributes of the lenses, such as base curve, diameter, and water content, all match your prescription. If the colored contact lenses do not match your prescription or fit poorly in your eyes, wearing them may cause long-term eye damage.
  • Wear the colored contact lenses for 30–45 minutes before starting to exercise to allow enough time for the eyes to adapt. If there is eye discomfort, take the lenses out immediately and quickly seek medical attention to avoid eye damage.
  • Carry spare contact lenses, as well as a small bottle of care solution and the first pair's lens case, just in case dust or small particles get into your eyes, or the lenses fall out or get misplaced during the workout.
  • Avoid rubbing eyes. It is a natural reaction and habit to rub eyes when people get something in them. But when exercising with lenses in, rubbing eyes may cause damage to the lenses and irritate eyes even further.
  • Do not wear colored contact lenses longer than 8-hour duration a day to prevent hypoxia in the eye, eyeball damage, or fragile eyes from long-term lens wear.
  • It's not advisable to wear contact lenses for water sports. Lenses that are exposed to the water for longer periods of time can become soft and brittle. This increases the risk of inflammation to the eye.

Colored contact lenses allow people to express individuality and show unique charm to stand out. As long as people pay attention to their safety and understand the risks, colored contact lenses may be a good accessory while exercising. Since people don't necessarily need to make a huge splash with their eye color while they hit the gym or run drills on the field, Unicoeye recommends wearing colored contacts that roughly match or subtly enhance their natural eye color. Consider checking out the Eye-loving page, where they've compiled a variety of shades of blue, green, brown, grey, and hazel for a wider style selection. Visit for more information.

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